Transport (automotive/aerospace) (3 videos)

Testing car brake pedal actuation force with Mecmesin's Advanced Force Torque Indicator (AFTI) and Smart S-Beam load transducer.  The AFTI shows the running load and captures the peak force.

This video shows how testing safety-belts to find their breaking point can be performed using Mecmesin's MultiTest 50-i force testing system. The MultiTest 50-i, is particularly suited to high force testing and can also produce compressive loads. It is capable of producing a tension of 50,000 Newtons while recording up to 1000 measurements per second. 

This video shows a car steering rack being tested to see how much force is needed to operate it over its full working range of movement. The average force recorded shows how smooth the rack is when moved from one end of travel to the other. The test is conducted on a Mecmesin 25-i PC-controlled twin column test system, driven by Emperor force testing software. The software records the peak and average force as the steering rack is moved backwards and forwards.