Compression (9 videos)

MultiTest-dV motorised force and materials tester for use with a force gauge, gauge plus VectorPro Lite software, or with an ELS Enhanced Load Sensor and VectorPro MT materials testing software. A versatile entry-level tensile and compression test system for fundamental testing of a range of products and raw materials property calculation.

Testing to ISO11040-4 Glass barrels for injectables and sterilised sub-assembled syringes ready for filling, Annex C2: Test methods for syringe barrels, Luer cone breakage resistance. 
A compression tester with a touchscreen force gauge applies a load at 90 degrees to the glass barrel's Luer cone area to record the peak force at break on the data acquisition and graphing software.

Compression springs are tested for quality control using a Mecmesin force test system fitted with a Self-Levelling Compression Plate. The system can measure and report on: The Free-Length of the spring; The Spring Rate over a defined range: A load at a specified length, or a length at a specified load.

In this video a 2-axis auto-handler is used to select an aerosol can and transfer it to a platform so that the force needed to activate the aerosol can be measured with a Mecmesin MultiTest-i force testing stand. By automating the sample handling, the system can operate 24 hours a day without needing a operator to load and test the samples from the production line.

This video shows an automated compression test on tennis balls performed with a MultiTest-i force tester and robotic arm.

This video outlines a custom designed automatic system used to test the actuation force of touch screens for quality control.  A Mecmesin computer-controlled MultiTest-i force measurement system combined with an x-y table is used to create a "point map" of actuation force at set positions.  The x-y table moves the touch screen in a pre-programmed path at sub-millimetre accuracy.  At each pre-programmed location the test proble is lowered to "touch-on" the screen and the actuation force is captured as electrical contact is made.

Testing car brake pedal actuation force with Mecmesin's Advanced Force Torque Indicator (AFTI) and Smart S-Beam load transducer.  The AFTI shows the running load and captures the peak force.

This video shows a shear test on an aluminium cap, part of medical device. The test is conducted on a MultiTest motorised test system with an Advanced Force Gauge (AFG), a chisel point accessory, to break-off the cap, and special fixturing to securely hold the sample in place. It is vital that the sample should always break at the same point, so a special cantilever-operated sample holder was custom designed. This enables each cap to be loaded and precisely positioned using the same amount of pressure each time, which minimises variability.

The force need to move the plunger on medical syringes is measured using a touch-screen controlled MultiTest-xt force testing system. Using a custom-made fixture, the force needed to start the plunger moving, and the average force required to keep it moving down the bore of the syringe are recorded.