Electrical and electronic (4 videos)

The Mecmesin CrimpTest-1  has been superseded by the MultiTest-dV, which has a higher capacity and superior functionality



This video outlines a custom designed automatic system used to test the actuation force of touch screens for quality control.  A Mecmesin computer-controlled MultiTest-i force measurement system combined with an x-y table is used to create a "point map" of actuation force at set positions.  The x-y table moves the touch screen in a pre-programmed path at sub-millimetre accuracy.  At each pre-programmed location the test proble is lowered to "touch-on" the screen and the actuation force is captured as electrical contact is made.

This video shows a MultiTest 2.5-xt measuring the insertion and withdrawal force of electrical connectors.  A custom made fixture holds the male and female connectors while Emperor software controls the movement of the test stand, and records the forces at the requisite points in accordance with test standard BS 5057.

This video shows a quality control test on a solenoid. The resistance force when a solenoid is energised is a critical quality parameter. The computer-controlled MultiTest-i range is ideal for programming the test sequence and displaying the load versus displacement characteristics of the solenoid.