Cosmetics and personal care (4 videos)

Mecmesin can assist in the characterising the "feel" of  personal-care products,  checking the smooth operation of dispensers and the robustness of packaging  for filling and transportation.

The opening and closing torque on lipsticks is tested using a Vortex-i PC-controlled torque testing system. The torque tester is fitted with custom designed adaptors to fit different sizes of lipsticks.  The Vortex-i is driven by Mecmesin's Emperor Torque software, which gives immediate indication of "Pass" or "Fail" for each type and size of lipstick.  Results can be seen in real-time and stored for future use.

The performance and quality of cosmetics, in the same way as food texture analysis, can be tested for objectively.

In this video a 2-axis auto-handler is used to select an aerosol can and transfer it to a platform so that the force needed to activate the aerosol can be measured with a Mecmesin MultiTest-i force testing stand. By automating the sample handling, the system can operate 24 hours a day without needing a operator to load and test the samples from the production line.