Customised Applications (Force) (7 videos)

Evolving test methods from Mullen Burst Test to Edge Crush Test (ECT). This test method is applicable to ISO 3037, ISO 13821, TAPPI T811, TAPPI T838, TAPPI T839 and FEFCO 8. Edge Crush Guide Blocks are used to support the corrugated fibreboard test piece initially until collapse.
NOTE: This video shows a fixed upper compression plate, however, a self-adjusting or guided compression fixture is recommended.

Flat Crush Test of corrugated fibreboard. This test is applicable to ISO 3035, TAPPI T825 and similar rigid support methods. The accuracy of this test is greatly enhanced by self-adjusting compression plates, or ultimately by a precision guide fixture. This video shows an upper self-adjusting compression plate.

Ring Crush Test (RCT) of paperboard, such as liner for corrugated fibreboard packaging material. This test method is applicable to ISO 12192, TAPPI T822 and similar. The accuracy of the test is optimised by self-adjusting or ideally a precision guide fixture to keep the upper and lower plates exactly parallel.

A 135 degree peel test is carried out on a sample of medical packaging to ensure maximum seal with minimum peel.  A custom designed vacuum fixture attached to a MultiTest-i PC-controlled force tester holds the sample firmly so that repeatable results are achieved when the lid is peeled off at a constant speed of 500 mm/min.

Mecmesin has been at the forefront of force and torque measurement for 40 years.  Our team of experienced application engineers can work with you to deliver custom-designing products to your exact requirements.  This video highlights the range of solutions we can offer from simple, custom-designed grips and fixtures, through to complex automated test systems, designed to relieve operators of tedious or difficult tasks and to provide greater consistency and speed during material handling and testing. 

A tensile test is performed to test the integrity of beverage basket carriers and cardboard box packaging.  The test ensures optimimum production line efficiency and that consistent standards of packaging quality are maintained. The tests are conducted on a Mecmesin motorised tensile tester combined with a custom-designed vacuum test fixture, to ensure the tests are performed at a consistent speed to gain better accuracy. 

This video shows a MultiTest 2.5-xt measuring the insertion and withdrawal force of electrical connectors.  A custom made fixture holds the male and female connectors while Emperor software controls the movement of the test stand, and records the forces at the requisite points in accordance with test standard BS 5057.