Customised Applications (Torque) (7 videos)

The opening and closing torque on lipsticks is tested using a Vortex-i PC-controlled torque testing system. The torque tester is fitted with custom designed adaptors to fit different sizes of lipsticks.  The Vortex-i is driven by Mecmesin's Emperor Torque software, which gives immediate indication of "Pass" or "Fail" for each type and size of lipstick.  Results can be seen in real-time and stored for future use.

This video shows torsion springs being tested to pre-defined torque settings using Mecmesin's Vortex-i PC-controlled torque testing system. The torsion springs are held securely by custom-designed individual two-part mandrels. The Vortex-i is driven by Mecmesin's Emperor Torque software, which gives immediate indication of "Pass" or "Fail" for each type and size of torsion spring.

Mecmesin demonstrates an automated bottle closure testing system used to check the performance of bottle capping machines in volume beverage bottle filling plants.  The system can check the correct closure force has been applied by measuring the slip and bridge torque on 18 samples in less than 10 minutes.

Mecmesin has been at the forefront of force and torque measurement for 40 years.  Our team of experienced application engineers can work with you to deliver custom-designing products to your exact requirements.  This video highlights the range of solutions we can offer from simple, custom-designed grips and fixtures, through to complex automated test systems, designed to relieve operators of tedious or difficult tasks and to provide greater consistency and speed during material handling and testing. 

This video shows how a Vortex-i torque testing system is used to test the integrity of small abrasives disks used in the dental industry. Using a custom-designed adaptor, the abrasive disks are tested to check that they do not become loose on their central arbour. The disks are loaded onto the adaptor, rotated 90 degrees clockwise and 180 degrees anti-clockwise and the torque is measured using Mecmesin's Emperor software, which displays the test results graphically.

The release torque of removeable cleats fitted to golf shoes is measured with a Vortex-i PC-controlled torque tester.  Precise alignment of each cleat prior to testing is vital, and this is achieved with a custom designed sample holder mounted on a gimble coupled to a precision X-Y motion table.

A Vortex-i PC-controlled torque tester measures the minimum torque before a Luer lock fitting on a syringe barrel begins to rotate.  A versatile set of custom-made fixtures have been designed to fit a range of syringe barrels of different lengths