Force Test Instruments (7 videos)

This video is an overview Mecmesin's AFTI Advanced Force and Torque Indicator. Measure, record and store readings from plug-in force sensors or torque sensors.

The Advanced Force Gauge (AFG) is a rugged, hand-held digital force gauge for tension and compression testing with ten models with internal loadcells for measurements from 0.005 N to 2500 N, all with an accuracy of 0.1% of full scale. To further increase the versatility, external force or torque smart sensors can be plugged in to use all the powerful features of the AFG, including automatic first and second peak capture and comprehensive settable "Pass" and "Fail" criteria.

The Basic Force Gauge (BFG) BFG is a mid-range, affordable digital force gauge. Six models span the range for measurements from 0.002 N to 2,500 N, with an accuracy of 0.25% of full scale. Results can be displayed in other units including kilogram-force, pounds-force and ounces-force. Peak readings can be captured in compression or tension.

The Compact Force Gauge+ (CFG+) is a hand-held, battery powered digital force gauge that can be used for elementary measurement in tension or compression. It is supplied with a tension hook, extension rods, a compression plate and a certificate of conformity and is ready to start testing straight out of the box. 

Testing to ISO11040-4 Glass barrels for injectables and sterilised sub-assembled syringes ready for filling, Annex C2: Test methods for syringe barrels, Luer cone breakage resistance. 
A compression tester with a touchscreen force gauge applies a load at 90 degrees to the glass barrel's Luer cone area to record the peak force at break on the data acquisition and graphing software.

Mecmesin has designed a custom-made fixture to measure the force required to bend card and paper to 45° and 90°.  The fixture is used with a MDD manual test stand and an AFG Advanced Force Gauge.  It can be used to test a range of cards and paper of different thickness and widths, providing information that will be useful when designing packaging and also for production staff concerned about the quality of paper and card.

Testing car brake pedal actuation force with Mecmesin's Advanced Force Torque Indicator (AFTI) and Smart S-Beam load transducer.  The AFTI shows the running load and captures the peak force.