Corporate Videos (3 videos)

Interview with Robert Oakley, Chairman of the Mecmesin Group explaining the company's strategy for addressing the Chinese force and torque measurement market on the BBC Working Lunch programme.  Includes demonstrations of Mecmesin's products for force and torque testing used by companies worldwide to improve quality control.

This video presents a selection of test applications Mecmesin force and torque testing equipment is used for across a wide variety of industries to ensure the quality of components, materials and products. Tests featured include bridge torque on a plastic bottle cap; an actuation test on an aerosol spray; tensile tests on fabric and construction safety netting; tests on compression and tension springs; measuring the torque on automotive rotary controls and testing the return deformation on tennis balls.

Mecmesin - a world leader in affordable force and torque testing solutions
Since 1977, Mecmesin has assisted thousands of companies achieve enhanced quality control in design and production. The Mecmesin brand represents excellence in accuracy, build, service, and value. In production centres and research labs worldwide, designers, engineers, operators, and quality managers endorse Mecmesin force and torque testing systems for their high performance across countless applications.