Top-load / Crush resistance (4 videos)

Top-load tests on PET bottles are carried out on an automated test system performed with a MultiTest-xt force tester and robotic arm.

Top load testing of PET bottles can be dome swiftly and accurately with the MultiTest-dV from Mecmesin.  The test stand can be set to load the bottles to 1/4" at speeds up to 20" per minute.  Results can be send to a connected printer, or VectorProTM Lite software can capture all the data. 

This video show a MultiTest 5-xt touch-screen controlled force testing stand being used to test PET bottles for "Top-load". The resistance to crush testing is found together with the individual bottle height. Immediate colour-coded indication of "Pass" or "Fail" is given on the touch-screen. This is an important test in the "downgauging" or "lightweighting" of packaging materials. This is to reduce the amount of material used, reduce costs and to meet environmental standards, but at the same time ensuring the packaging does not fail during the filling, capping and storage process.

This video shows how to set up the MultiTest-xt to measure the height of different sized bottles while at the same time performing a top-load or crush test. The favourite buttons on the touch-screen are used to set the "Home" and "starting position" for each different size of bottle automatically. Upper and lower limits can be entered for both the bottle height and its performance under load, with unambiguous, colour coded "Pass" or "Fail" indication.