Purpose-built Systems (Torque) (3 videos)

Need to check the calibration of your torque screwdrivers? Want to be sure that your products are being assembled correctly? Take the strain out of repetitive operations with Mecmesin’s semi-automated TSCC Torque Screwdriver Check Calibrator.   This can verify the calibration of hand-held torque screwdrivers in less than one minute, ensuring consistent & accurate results every time & mitigating the risk of repetitive strain injury.  

The release torque and extraction force of sparkling wine closures is measured with a Mecmesin CombiCork tester fitted with pneumatic clamps to hold different sized bottle securely in place.

Force & torque are tested simultaneously using a Combi-Cork-i test system.  The system measures the effort needed to remove the cork and re-stopper bottles used for premium quality products. When opening the bottle, the cork is both pulled and rotated, and the Combi-Cork-i records the extraction force simultaneously with the torque as the cork is twisted.