Consumer packaging (30 videos)

A 180° peel test of pressure sensitive adhesives is carried out using a FPT-H1 horizontal friction peel tear tester and a 180° peel test fixture kit. This is suitable for testing to a range of peel testing standards including FINAT No 1 and 3, ASTM D3330, Afera 5001, BS EN 1939 and PSTC 101.

Mecmesin's digital torque testers are used to measure the mimimum application torque of Child-resistant closures according to ASTM D3810.  The Tornado is a portable, battery powered hand operated instrument can be used anywhere, while the motorised Vortex-xt torque tester provides a constant test speed for reliable repeatability of testing.

Mecmesin's digital torque testers are used to measure the reverse-ratchet torque performance of child-resistant closures according to ASTM D3472.  The Tornado is a portable, battery powered hand operated instrument, while the motorised Vortex-xt provides a constant test speed for reliable repeatability of testing.

Mecmesin demonstrates an automated bottle closure testing system used to check the performance of bottle capping machines in volume beverage bottle filling plants.  The system can check the correct closure force has been applied by measuring the slip and bridge torque on 18 samples in less than 10 minutes.

A custom designed automatic test system is used to test closures made from natural cork. Up to 200 samples can be loaded into a carousel for unattended operation, testing overnight if necessary, saves time and money. The system determines each type of cork by initially measuring its diameter, then applying the correct compression test.

Top-load tests on PET bottles are carried out on an automated test system performed with a MultiTest-xt force tester and robotic arm.

In this video a 2-axis auto-handler is used to select an aerosol can and transfer it to a platform so that the force needed to activate the aerosol can be measured with a Mecmesin MultiTest-i force testing stand. By automating the sample handling, the system can operate 24 hours a day without needing a operator to load and test the samples from the production line.

Mecmesin has designed a custom-made fixture to measure the force required to bend card and paper to 45° and 90°.  The fixture is used with a MDD manual test stand and an AFG Advanced Force Gauge.  It can be used to test a range of cards and paper of different thickness and widths, providing information that will be useful when designing packaging and also for production staff concerned about the quality of paper and card.

The FPT-H1 is a dedicated coefficient of friction, peel and tear testing machine ideal for testing plastic films, paper, card, board and sheeting materials.  The FPT-H1 is pre-loaded with programs to undertake testing to internationally recognised test standards e.g. ASTM D1894, ISO 15359, TAPPI T 549, FINAT, ASTM D3330, ISO 850-2 part 2, ASTM D1938-08, ISO 6383-1 etc. 

A Mytik Combi Cork Tester is used to measure the release torque and extraction force to test standard ISO 9727 of corks and bottle stoppers.   A versatile fixture enables a range of bottle sizes to be fitted to the tester.